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October 14, 2004    By ROBERT TRUSSELL    Publication: The Kansas City Star

The Unicorn will stage a free reading Monday of "Next of Kin," a new play by Kansas City playwright Ron Simonian. Simonian is known for deriving humor from grotesque situations, and this play appears to fit the pattern. The premise involves three siblings coming home to celebrate their mother's birthday, only to discover that she's been dead for three years. Artistic director Cynthia Levin said she had read several scripts by Simonian the last couple of years, rejecting them for being too "mean and angry." "Next of Kin" grabbed her. "Ron writes on this edge of being hilariously funny or (going) down a dark hole," she said. "This one he just completed two months ago, and I think it's the best he's written. "When you try to explain Ron Simonian plays they don't sound very funny. You know, they sound sad and a little bleak and a little twisted, and they are. It's just amazing that you can laugh at these subjects. "Levin will direct the reading, which features Gary Holcombe, Craig Benton, Karen Errington, Brian Paulette and Sarah Crawford. The event begins at 7 p.m. The theater is at 3828 Main St.- Robert Trussell/The StarPhotoFile photoThe Unicorn Theatre will stage a free reading of local playwright Ron Simonian's new play, "Next of Kin," on Monday. Kansas City Star, The (MO) Date: October 14, 2004 Page: 32 Copyright 2004 The Kansas City Star Co.

Unicorn to host reading of Simonian's `Kin': Press
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