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"Ron Simonian is a playwright I’ve admired through the years."

- The Kansas City Star

10 Min Plays: Projects
Image by Allef Vinicius


Cast:  2

Type: 10 minute

Genre: comedy, dark comedy, drama, romantic comedy

Keyword: romantic comedy, loneliness and isolation, Birth, death, afterlife

Emily and Joe meet at a formal dance party designed to help members of a select group feel more alive. This group is so select, that Joe had no idea he was even a member. The world can be a lonely place, sometimes we all need a fresh start.

Gardener's Tools


Cast:  2

Type: 10 minute

Genre: comedy, dark comedy, romantic comedy

Keyword: infidelity, awkward sexuality, marriage, elder care, botany, gardening

Greg's father came to visit Greg and his wife Megan for a week. That week has turned into seven months. Megan would like him to leave, but Greg feels a loyalty to his aging, lonely father. This play dives into the connection between sexuality and gardening. It might be time for Greg to send his father home or see his wife become transplanted into another pot.

Image by Keyur Nandaniya


Cast:  2

Type:  10 minute

Genre: comedy, dark comedy, drama

Keyword: face your fear, childhood fear, animal kingdom, family vacation

Jack babysits Albert's bunny while Albert vacations in the wild. When Albert comes to retrieve the bunny he shares his discoveries of the primal nature of the animal kingdom. They both discover you don't have to live in the wild to be in the wild.

Image by Eric Nopanen


Cast:  3

Type:  10 minute

Genre: comedy, dark comedy

Keyword: death, life, striptease, family funerals and deaths

Jordan becomes angry when he discovers his deceased mother's funeral plans. A simple body in a casket viewing is not her style. She puts the SHOW in funeral.

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