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The Monumental Millennial: Image


When Life Gives You A Second Chance, Embrace It

Cast:  5

Type:  full-length

Genre:  romantic comedy

Keyword: divorce, new start, millennials, sex, commitment, national monuments

Synopsis:  Jason is suffering the effects of being divorced in his 40s. The dating world had moved on and left him behind. His best friend introduces him to the newest tool for finding love, "Social Media." His best friend has been using it to cheat on is wife with Millennials for years. Jason soon learns that diving into another generation's dating pool just might be the cure for letting go of the past. Or it might be the end of life as he knows it. It seems that dating an Open-Polly-Pansexual is different today than it was 20 years ago.

The Monumental Millennial: Files
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