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It Never Happened: Image


If There Is No Afterlife, None Of This Ever Happened

Cast:  5

Type:  full-length

Genre:  dark comedy

Keyword:  workplace, death, marriage, life after death

Synopsis:  Set in a corporate office building, IT NEVER HAPPENED answers all of life's major questions. What is the meaning of life? What happens after we die? Does the fact that we know we are going to die take the joy out of life? Or does it give life more meaning? Can you be fired for punching your boss in the face if you caught him sleeping with your wife? What do you do if you realize your pep-talk to a depressed friend might have motivated him to commit murder? Simple ... Run damage control and pretend IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Production History:

  • Staged Reading: The Living Room Theatre - Kansas City, MO - 2017

It Never Happened: Files
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