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Decorating Her Cage: Image


A Woman's Escape From Toxic Masculinity & Those Who Enable It

Cast:  4

Genre:  dark comedy

Type:  full-length

Keyword:  toxic masculinity, abuse, control, survival, enablers

Synopsis:  DECORATING HER CAGE is the story of one woman’s battle against her own inner demons. April’s self loathing has allowed her to consider being victimized as a acceptable state of affairs. After years of therapy she is kidnaped by her therapist’s son in an effort to give her a chance to fall in love with him. This is a story of enablers, sexism and the strength many women need to fight objectification and oppression. Not all things are fair in love and war. April’s strength rises to the surface as her cage is rejected ["her cage is rejected" is confusing] and her self value is realized.

Production History:

  • Staged Reading: The Living Room Theatre - 2017

Decorating Her Cage: Files
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