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Skull and Crossbones


Cultural Cannibals: Image


Victimhood Never Felt So Good

Cast:  4

Type:  full-length

Genre:  Politically social comedy

Keyword: inclusion, race, gender, theatre, victimhood

Synopsis:  Theater today is striving to become more culturally diverse and inclusive. But what happens when marginalized groups are pitted against each other in the race for a piece of the theatrical pie? In CULTURAL CANNIBALS, former allies become mortal enemies in the pursuit of inclusion. It’s the story of a fictional regional theater in upstate New York and its passion for diversity at all costs, where we’ll soon learn that the road to hell is often paved with the blood of the marginalized.

Production History:

  • Staged Reading: The Living Room Theatre - Kansas City, MO - 2018

  • World Premiere: The Living Room Theatre - Kansas City, MO - 2020

Cultural Cannibals: Files
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